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Why Us?

There are lots of directory listing sites, PG listing sites with an inconvenient interaction and outdated content. We wouldn't have done this if we were not doing something different than them. Each and every PG added here is personally collected and verified by us.

The Story

Like most of the graduates, we moved out to a metro city to pursue our career and had to depend on a PG for accommodation. But finding a right one was very difficult. While our whole day had to be spent at work, we could hardly spare any time to search for a good PG, in our "precious" weekends , in an unknown city. We had to look for PG ADs on road sides and bus stands and call each and every number just to know the details like location, facilities and rental details of the PG, while we fail to know the actual quality of service.

Yes, there are many general online directories like Justdial, Sulekha etc and a couple of dedicated sites for PG searching as well. But they are more of yellow-pages - advertisement oriented, providing no actual value to the searchers.

These frustrations made us to start this.

We keep it as free as the air!!